Imagine living with harmony, staying in flow, open to Grace, through disruptions and challenges. Making decisions that are grounded in your connection to Source gives you a bigger picture as you navigate through life. You can engage whatever comes your way with greater presence.

Spiritual Coaching opens new possibilities for you by clearing out old patterns, blockages and whatever doesn’t serve you. My work facilitates clearing on all levels: energetic, emotional, physical.

Sourcing your consciousness in the outer world doesn’t work. With a strong, steady connection to your Higher Self, you are not easily thrown off course. If you lose your connection to Source, this is only temporary. I help you keep the channels clear and find your way back. I hold the ground for you to stay in resonance with your higher purpose, and strengthen your roots in the ‘I Am’ divine presence.

One of life’s great challenges is to be WHOLE in a fragmented culture.

How can Spiritual Coaching change your life? The possibilities are vast:

  • clear negative and stagnant energy that does not serve you
  • free yourself from harmful emotions, thoughts and beliefs
  • organize your life around your Higher Purpose
  • end the drama in your life
  • calm fear and anxiety
  • build relationships based on respect
  • advanced work to release imprints of trauma on a Soul level
  • dissolve the karma of abuse for your lineage
  • navigate through loss and life transitions with grace and skill

Be of service in the world.
Take your personal work to a higher level, dedicated
to the upliftment of All Beings.

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For information about some of the methods I use, read about the Akashic Records here, and about Flower Essences here.

Email Nancy to determine if my work is a match for your concerns.

FEEDBACK FROM CLIENTS (for in depth testimonials, click here.)

Guided meditation for a private group 

“Thank you Nancy. Your gentle spirit allowed us to have a deep discussion after the session that offered insight into some very complex issues we have experienced as a group. Thank you for your love and kindness. I am grateful to live in a world with people like you.” JH

Private Session

“I am struck by how beautifully and non-judgmentally you language what you see when you read my Record. Although many people facilitate this process and convey information, few are able to convey the most difficult or sensitive information the way you do, so safely and supportively. Thank you, Nancy.” – Ann


“You bring people to a place of Higher Consciousness and Higher Knowledge. You help me experience the interior space that is infinitely expansive.  Your work is way beyond playing in “other realms” or having fascinating mystical experiences. It is a profound, transformational connection to Higher Dimensions of Being.” — Lee

“Thank you so much for your heartfelt dedication to the upliftment of others, for creating space to journey into the authentic wisdom and beauty of our Inner Self—a journey that brings healing and lasting change in so many areas of life. With tons of love,” — LK

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